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This question is mostly because of my forgetfulness, but I can’t remember where to find Soliera and Phyco post-game. I beat the elite four in Ultra Moon, and after the credits rolled there was some dialogue from Soliera and Phyco about a new mission or something. I kinda spaced out during the exchange, and went to do my own thing for a while. Later I remembered about this, but I have no idea where to find them to start the mission. I vaguely remember one of them saying something about Poni Island, but I could be wrong. I tried looking it up, but it’s kind of a specific question so I really wasn’t expecting to find much. Anyways, if anyone has gotten through the post-game or at least know where I can find them, I’d really appreciate it if someone helped me out. Thanks so much in advance!


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It is in Poni Island, at the Poni Grove, which is the area that is restricted until you become champion (close to the Ruins of Hope). Once you get there the event will automatically start, you can't miss it.

Thanks so much!