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And don't just say "It's based on Excalibur (or whatever sword or culture)" I want a detailed response on the design. Also try not to say "It looks cool so there doesn't need to be some complicated backstory of some culture's history".

Edit: A downvote, a comment about what more could I want from a sword and shield, and a 1 minute copy-pasted short answer from the Bulbapedia page I read before asking. Now all that's missing is a flag (JK, this is a serious question)
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Edit 3: I gave BA but if there are anyone who can explain what these circles on the shield mean or anything it would be appreciated

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its a frickin sword and shield what more could you want
The circles on its shield are purely aesthetic. The lines on it are in the form of a tri-wing (especially the ones touching the circles). It appeases the eye with its intriquite design aspect.

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Aegislash appears to be based on a possessed sword and shield. Its disposition to sense an owner's potential as leaders and kings, seems to draw inspiration from the ideas of mythical swords of European legend, chiefly Excalibur.

Aegislash is a combination of Aegis (Zeus's shield in Greek mythology) and slash.
Gillguard may be a combination of Gilgamesh or gild (to cover with a layer of gold), 斬る kiru (to slay with a blade) or kill, and guard.

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It's also based on Aegis, the shield that Zeus, king of the Greek Gods, had. This shield had Medusa carved into it.
Explaining King's shield's attack Reducing effects.  I definately wouldn't want to attack something that was as unnerving as medusa's face. (The exception for this is in kid icarus uprising)
Yeah, that’s why kings sheild does what it does.