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Hello, Poke fans. Today is the day I started playing Ultra Sun, which in my opinion, is the best climax of all 3DS Pokemon games. In any case, I've caught Grubbin, the Bug-type Pokemon whose final evolution is Vikavolt, an Electric sweeper, best for offense, but not for speed. So, is there any better speedy but offensive Electric Pokemon that would evolve into a speedy sweeper, within the first two islands which would also be competitive for the Pokemon League as well as Online Battles? (Considering without legenderies, Ultra Beasts, etc.)

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So it needs good speed, attack/special attack, and electric type than can be obtained within the first two islands... I'm gonna go with Jolteon.
With a good 130 base speed and 110 sp. attack, it can sweep pretty well. I'm pretty sure the egg you get in the daycare is an Eevee egg, and you can also catch Eevees on Route 6.
It evolves into Jolteon with a Thunder Stone, which you can either buy in Konikoni City for 3k Pokedollars, or some guy gives it to you on Route 9.
Hope I helped!
-Sylveon Rulez, an Eeveelution Expert

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