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I have an Alakazam and it doesn't have any effect on Pokemon such as Hariyama. Please help me!

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What move were you using?
Please Report What Move iS Being Used
Psychic (the move), and dream eater. Also, future sight.
Dream eater has no effect unless the target is sleeping, and future sight fails if the target was targeted by an earlier future sight. It also deals damage two turns after it's used instead of immediately. The only reason I can think of for psychic having no effect is if the move missed or the target was dark type or using protect.
Na it was mankey
Primeape has Vital Spirit, were you trying for Hypnosis/Dream Eater combo?
According to Bulbapedia, Hala's Primeape has anger point, not vital spirit.
Remember on gen 1 where psychic types were actually broken
Someone on Smogon pointed out that the attacks could have been prevented by flinching.
Would Alakazam outspeed Primeape?
Usually, but some of Hala's Pokemon know fake out.
I don't know about those damage calculator things, but Alakazam is defensively frail. If it's underlevelled, would a Fake Out be able to OHKO it?
No, I'm saying fake out prevented it from attacking.
I am assuming Youngster Joey here persisted longer than a single turn in battle with the fighting type Pokémon in question.
Some people have no patience.
I don't think you're being very specific. What moves are you using that aren't working? Hariyama doesn't have any immunities based on typing or abilities, so what are you using that isn't doing anything.
This should be a comment
My Alakazam could breeze through hala in moon. What is the problem? Are you being taken out quickly? Or can you not attack?

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You didn't answer the clarifying questions, so I'll just guess that fake out prevented you from attacking. In case you didn't know, fake out stops working after one turn, so you can attack after that.