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Okay, so I tried playing with my Cyndaquil, and it got angry at me two times. After it evolved, it hasn't changed! I used all my Poke'puffs! Please help me! (If this helps, its personality is "hates to lose") (Omega Ruby)

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You move towards it.
how its a game
how is that gonna help?
It's a joke.
is it Happiness or Affection you'r trying to get?
He mentioned playing and Pokepuffs, so I'm pretty sure it's referring to affection.
Ok then

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In Pokemon Amie/Refresh, be careful where you attempt to touch, and stick to petting Pokemon where they particularly enjoy being petted. Listen for the rubbing sound to be high pitched, and pay attention to their expressions where possible.

As for Quilava, they like being petted on their feet and particularly dislike being petted on their forehead.