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In Pokèmon Sun, I got my Shedninja via Pokebank, but it wouldn’t listen to me! It is level 100 and I have all the level stamps. (My level 100 Silvally listens)

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Please use pokemon amie and try to grow its happiness it might help
I don't think that a Pokemon having affection toward its trainer has anything to do with whether or not the Pokemon listens to its trainer.
Have you defeated the Pokemon League? I think that's required in the newer games to get outsider Pokemon to obey.
Since when? I'm not saying I don't believe you, sumwun, I'd just like to know when they did that, bc I haven't tried that since DP
I think it's only in Generation 7. In all other games, having 8 badges makes all the trainer's Pokemon obey him/her/it.
I have defeated the league...
Can you explain exactly what you mean by it won't listen to you? What exactly happens in your game?
Things like ‘Shedninja is loafing around’ ‘Shedninja used ‘Shedninja won't obey!’ . I have defeated the Elite Four twice...

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I don't know. I know you might not want to do this, but breed another Nincada and evolve it and level up. That's all I can tell you that I am sure will work. Maybe hmmm, you can try trading it with a friend and trade it back? No, that sounds silly. Try beating the Elite Four again?

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