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ORAS is technically Gen 6... how do you get a Sylveon in ORAS? Are Fairies released at all in this game? I'm confused...

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You can capture Eevee on Route 116 in ORAS after capturing/defeating Kyogre/Groudon (Note that Eevee is a "hidden Pokémon", which means you probably need to find it via DexNav). To evolve it into Sylveon, make sure it knows a Fairy-type move (like Baby-Doll Eyes) and just raise its affection to 2 hearts in Pokémon Amie.

Another way to get Sylveon into ORAS is by trading it from XY to ORAS.

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As for the other Fairies, (I haven't played ORAS, so I don't know, but...) I believe there might be some.
The Ralts evolution line, the Azurill line, Mawile, just to name a few.
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Yes you go to the Pokemon amie and get 2 affection with an eevee that knows a fairy type move and then you level it up 1 lvl

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This is just the same thing I said.
This seems to have been posted very soon after your answer, which I think is forgivable.
Will give the benefit of the doubt.