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Which is better for competitive battles after finishing the main story?

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Neither of them can be used for the main story, so I don't know what your asking.
poeple who are downvoting or flaging ARE SUPER RUDE. hes asking whos better in competitive do you not relize that?
water or psycic, special defense+special attack or special defense+regular defence
Well then why is it tagged "in-game-team"?
I have finished the game, I want to know who to use
He wants to know which one would be better after he beats the champion, which one we find "stronger"
Use for what? Battle tree? Battling with friends?
Battling with friends
Singles or doubles? Are your friends not allowed to use any Pokemon, moves, or abilities?
Single and any Pokèmon

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Tapu Lele can be used to support attack Deoxys. Attack Deoxys dislikes priority attacks, dark Pokemon, and hazards, which Tapu Lele can weaken or prevent using psychic surge, moonblast, and taunt. Tapu Fini, on the other hand, is completely outclassed by Arceus.

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