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I'm curious to know if it is going to get banned from OU

This question is inherently unanswerable.....  The best you can get are opinions.
It's currently still in OU, nobody yet expects it to get up in Ubers... I also don't really think so since it's technicaly not as strong as an Uber.

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I don't think it will.
This was what smogon says:

Tapu Lele dislikes the fact that many bulky Steel-types, especially Magearna and Celesteela, can easily switch into both of its STAB attacks. The coverage attacks it usually runs to address them as well as other checks and counters tend to be too weak or shaky to use consistently without fair prediction or prior damage. Tapu Lele's average physical bulk and good—but not fantastic—Speed also tend to hold it back, making it often vulnerable to revenge killing. Regardless, as Tapu Lele is always rather unforgiving in its power and versatility, all team archetypes must exercise caution against it.

So, as you see, Tapu lele wasn't good against a lot of Steel type and was pretty easy to be Revenge-Killed.
Hope it helps!

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nobody knows lol

You can still give opinions and logic for either argument - for or against.