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I recently got Rowlet egg and Treecko egg, which one should I choose?

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I'd personally use Sceptile (just my opinion and preference)
What format do you want to use them for?
ORAS, as a Adamant Sweeper, since Sceptile's special stat is nerfed, as it has not really good special moves

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They both have the same total stats of 530, so that doesn't matter too much. Decidueye has higher HP, Attack, Defense, and Special Defense. Sceptile has higher Special Attack and Speed. So if you want a fast special sweeper, Sceptile's your guy. But if you want a bulky, hard hitting Pokemon, you should use Decidueye. It all depends on your purpose.

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Decidueye has so many weaknesses that, at least in most singles formats, it's actually better as a fast physical sweeper than a bulky Pokemon.