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On black, I gave my Darmanitan a shell bell and use flare blitz but the shell bell didn't restore it's HP, it's because of sheer force?

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If (and only if) a move is boosted by the effect of Sheer Force, that move will no longer trigger item or Ability effects that activate after attacking.

So yes, it is because of sheer force.

Flare blitz is not boosted by sheer force
It has a small burn chance, so it is boosted by sheer force.
note that sheer force life orb works without damage, and does similar with choice items and assault vest. this is because sheer force blocks secondary effects, like only being able to use damaging moves for assault vest.
Edit: Really? I got that from a trusty source! Ugh, I feel like an idiot.
P.S. I told my friend, a competitive battler since the beginning, about this and he said he thought that sheer force did it, too. Maybe this only worked in previous gens, but I don't know, nor can I test this.
The effect of assault vest isn't technically a secondary effect because it activates before the holder moves. Also, I just tested choice scarf and choice band, and their holders got choice locked even when their attacks were boosted by sheer force.