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When my fletchinder evolved into talonflame it never wanted to Learn flare blitz. I saw on his moves that he would get when he leveled up and flare blitz was level 1. But when he evolved he didn't want to learn it. Help? I know that's a really good move.

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When they evolve they don't learn moves that were learned at lower levels, it just doesn't work like that.

To make it learn Flare Blitz you can take it to the move rememberer in a house northeast of the Pokemon center in Dendemille Town. She will teach it to your Talonflame for one Heart Scale.

Look here for Heart Scale locations.

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Go to dendimille town, In one of the houses theres a move tutor who teaches moves you Pokemon level up with (BRING HEART SCALES).
He maybe able to teach flare blitz, But I never used talonflame before, So I dont know for sure, I already have my charizard.

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