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I partnered my Sharpedo with Tapu Lele and was wondering if Psychic Terrain + Psychic Fangs + Strong Jaw is stronger than STAB Crunch + Strong Jaw.

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None other than our Lord and Savior, Arceus.

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The boost from psychic terrain is the same as the boost from STAB, so whichever move has the most base power will be the strongest. Psychic terrain's base power is 85, and crunch's base power is 80, so psychic fangs will be stronger than crunch assuming there are no other effects that might change the damage they deal.

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Psychic Fangs
85 base, 128 with strong jaw, 192 with strong jaw and Tapu Lele's Psychic terrain.

80 base, 120 with STAB, 180 with strong jaw and STAB.

So yeah, psychic fangs. But I suggest you keep crunch too to deal with ghost types that worry Tapu Lele

My Sharpedo knows Night Slash instead.
If you want the crit hit, but since it stacks with strong jaw, crunch gives 180 on mega as compared to 105 for night slash