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Does anyone have an extra Zeroara that I could have or find one because I thought it was an event Pokemon?

It'll get an event one day. Just be patient.
Yeah, I don't want to miss event and what will happen if it goes Nintendo switch. They are taking about Pokemon plus and minus in Nintendo switch....

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Much like Volcanion, Zeroara was found in the game files by dataminers, and that is how we know all that we do about it. In terms of any official info, the Pokemon Company hasn't actually released anything about it yet. If Zeroara follows the same pattern as the other datamined Pokemon before it, then it will be an event exclusive Pokemon, probably within a year. The only people who have Zeroara right now are hackers, so I wouldn't trust a traded one.

Sorry, but you'll just have to wait until it's info comes out and it is distributed officially.

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Zeraora is an event only mythical Pokemon. Zeraora aren't available now without hacking. Because Game freak hasn't released any event for Zeraora. As sumwun said, It will get an event quickly. Just be patient.
Anyone doesn't have any extra Zeraora. If anyone have, this means this is hacked.