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My Regirock had max HP EVs, but when I used Pomeg Berries on it, it took 20 (I counted). I retested this on some other Pokemon. Did they change the amount berries, because I thought that berries reduced the EV to 100 if it was above, and then 10 each other time (this means it will always take 11 or less berries).

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This Berry increases a Pokémon's friendship by and lowers its HP EVs by ten points (but not below 0). It can only be used outside of battle, and only has this effect in Pokémon Emerald and later games.

Pokémon are limited to a total of 255 effort points per stat, and 510 effort points in total.

Pomeg Berries have always lowered HP by ten. They don't reduce the amount of H EVsP to 100 if a Pokemon has more than 100 EVs in HP, so, if a Pokemon has max HP EVs, it would take 26 (25.5, but you can't have half of a berry) Pomeg Berries to reduce a Pokemon's HP EVs to zero.

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oh, but I've always heard otherwise... Thanks HTaco, my bad, entirely.
Well, in some games (I believe all 4th Gen games), the EV-reducing berries do reduce it to 100 if there are more than 100 EVs, and 10 if there are less. But all the modern games just lower it by 10, no matter how many EVs.
I'm pretty sure that's because we can generate berries a lot quicker now (I have, like 300 Pomeg Berries)