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Just got a Jirachi with a careful nature, is there anything I can give it to boost its special attack?
Thanks to all answers, also sorry if my English is bad :)

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Wise Glasses raise the holder's SpA by 1.1x
Choice Specs raise the holder's SpA by 1.5x, but only allow the use of one move.
Life Orb increases the holder's Atk and SpA by 1.3x, at the cost of 10% of the holder's HP each hit.
Petaya Berry increases the holder's SpA by one stage (1.5x) when its HP drops below 25%.

Pretty sure that's everything, other than Pokémon-specific items (like Light Ball) that wouldn't work with Jirachi anyway.

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Thanks! Does life orb work with Jirachi? I think I read somewhere that it doesn't work if Jirachi holds it.
Yes, Life Orb does work with Jirachi.
You forgot weakness policy. There's also some more obscure and gimmicky ones, like absorb bulb and metronome.
And the battery, but those are best used on jirachi (and other pokemon) on switch out.
Battery raises physical attack.