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Aya I herd if your give the female Pokemon an Everstone and breed with male the baby will inherit the nature 50% but I tried it and it didn't work? Im Breeding Female Eevee Impish with with a smeargle that has wish and curse and I want it shiny so I did the mushada method so I got a foreign smeargle help

Did you mean musharna method? Either way, what the heck is it?
I think he means synchronize as the musharna method to make it more likly to have the same nature.
I'm thinking that the male is supposed to hold everstone for nature , and for shiny I have no idea , Sorry!!

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I think for the Shiny you're thinking the Masuda method, where you have to breed a native pokemon with a foreign pokemon (like a Japanese Ditto and an English Eevee). The Everstone trick only works with pokemon native to your game. In other words, putting an everstone on your Eevee to breed for the same nature will not work.

Thanks ur right