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The rest of my team is Gardevoir, Vibrava, Decidueye, Magnezone, and Growlithe

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Empoleon definitely. It has less weaknesses, a lot of resistances, and is bulkier. In my opinion I would suggest running a physical moveset since Empoleon has access to swords dance and his best coverage moves are physical, but that's your decision.

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Poliwrath has more HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed than Empoleon! Well, it depends on whether you were going for either a Physical or Special attacker. Poliwrath is more of a Physical attacker, whereas Empoleon is more of a Special attacker.
poliwrath is just not good compared to empoleon. empoleon can tank special attackers and have considerable def against physical threats. your main antagonists and trial guides tend to use special attackers/mixed teams more often. And poliwrath will be destroyed by Hau's alolan raichu. Empolean can help a lot more than poliwrath, not to mention your team consists of 3 physical attackers and 2 special attackers. (unless if you run nasty plot decidueye, or some orther wierd set)
Empoleon's strongest attack stat is better than Poliwrath's strongest attack stat. I'd say Empoleon is better.
Also as I said before, Poliwrath more weaknesses and less resistances, while Empoleon has many resistances and able to cover all three of its weaknesses with only three moves (one being a STAB). Also Poliwrath would not have any STAB moves if you gave it moves to cover its weaknesses. Also Empoleon's Special Defense is higher than Poliwrath's Defense