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Hi! I don't know what to do. Should I have Greninja or Empoleon on my Ultra Sun team? I do not play competitive at all so I what an in-game answer. I like the water and dark type for Greninja, and the water and steel type for Empoleon. Also these are the Pokemon that I am having on my team so pick one or the other.
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- STAB moves are super effective against Kiawe's trial, Acerola's trial, Olivia, Acerola, and a third of Hau's team.
- Resists Lana's trial, Kiawe's trial, Acerola's trial, Molayne, Acerola, and part of Hau's team.
- Can learn moves like Ice Beam and Extrasensory to cover even more notable Trainers.
- Very fast, has a good Special Attack
- Sup-par defenses

- STAB moves super effective against Kiawe's trial and Mina's trial, and part of Hau's team
- Resists Lana's trial, Kommo-o, Mina's trial, Molayne, Kahili, and part of Hau's team
- Solid Special Defense
- Can't learn too many coverage moves

I would go with Greninja. Hyper offense is much better than defense in-game.

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In-game you usually want to go hyper offensive, and Greninja is probably the more offensive of the two because it's faster.

Geninja @ Mystic Water
Ability: Torrent (But Protean if you can get it)
-Surf (HM)
-Dark Pulse (TM, found at the Poni Coast)
-Extrasensory (Learns at lv. 49)
-Ice Beam (TM, found around Mt. Lanakila)

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