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HI guys! So I restarted my ultra sun game again and I want a good grass type on my team, but I do not know what to pick. I have Tsareena and it is not the best. The moves Tsareena can learn do not fit my playing style so I need a new grass type. Both Sceptile and Chesnaught have good moves and they both have good stats so I don't know what to pick. Please pick one or the other because I really do not like any other grass types in Alola. My team is Incineroar, Magneton(Going to evolve soon), Poliwhirl (Going to evolve into Poliwrath after it learns hydro pump), Mimikyu, and Vibrava (Going to evolve into Flygon soon), and the grass type that I should pick.
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To me, Sceptile but I don't play it so I don't know.

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I would recommend Sceptile. You have quite a few physical attackers already, and Sceptile is a nice mixed attacker. Try this set:

Sceptile @ Miracle Seed / anything else
Ability: Overgrow
- Giga Drain / Leaf Blade / Energy Ball
- Dragon Pulse
- Earthquake
- Brick Break / X-Scissor

Sceptile has a nice movepool, so you can replace these moves with a lot of other things as well.

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