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I got a shiny Zorua off the gts for a level 1-10 Cottenee, and all seemed fine at first. It was in a pokeball, it had its normal moveset, its IVs and EVs were possible (IVs weren't that great, but not bad) But its location... Thats where a problem is. It said it was met at level 6 in a faraway place. It isnt an event Zorua, and i'm not sure if it came from an ultra wormhole.
If it is hacked, can I still use it in battle? I don't do the tournaments or competitive mode (because the email wont send) so I just do the quick battles.

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A lot of areas that aren't compatible with similar games (example, secret shore in ORAS, in XY is listed as faraway place) are listed as a faraway place. They are the locations in B2/W2/OR/AS shown in B/W/X/Y, but since the B2/W2/OR/AS locations don't exist in B/W/X/Y, it is shown as "a faraway place". In short, it was transferred from B2/W2/OR/AS to B/W/X/Y and transferred up.

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Ah, thank you!