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I need help getting a shiny Pokemon through breeding in oras. I tried breeding a frogadier and a japanese ditto. Later I evolve frogadier to greninja. I have magby to hatch eggs faster. I am currently circling around battle resort and I have about 410 froakie. As I am typing this I get more fraokie. Can you give me any advice? I do not have a shiny charm or a oval charm.

What you're doing right now definitely works. It just usually takes a lot of tries.
it took me 4000 eggs to get some shinys by masuda without the shiny charm. I'd suggest listening to a podcast whilst you do it so you don't go insane :P

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You are doing the right thing. There are no other good tips for masuda method. You are using a foreign Pokemon, flame body and cycling loop. That's fine.
You may watch a movie, cartoon or listen music while breeding/hatching.
You can use hatching O powers to make hatching faster.
Get 5 eggs and then start hatching them.
When they will hatch, if there will no shiny, you can deposit them in pc or release them.
You can use destiny knot and everstone.

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You probably could have mentioned that a shiny charm makes this easier.
(S)He said "i do not have a shiny charm or a oval charm"