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Hey guys,

This is my first question on this forum and one that I simply can't answer by myself.
I'm breeding a blaziken with speed boost for a doubles tournament in short and want to know what move would be more effective. (Protect or Swords Dance) Here's some more information:

Blaziken @ Zoom Lens
EVs: 252 Attack /252 Speed / 4HP
Nature: Jolly (+Speed, -S.Attack)
Ability: Speed Boost
Blaze Kick (STAB, Critical)
High Jump Kick (High Power, STAB)
Shadow Claw (Coverage, Critical)
Charizard @ Charizardite Y
EVs: 252 S.Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
Nature: Timid
Ability: Blaze
Heat Wave
Solar Beam
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Dance

So that's some more information, if you want, make any other suggestions about my Pokemon and if you think that'd it'd be better to get both Protect and Swords Dance, and I had to get rid of a move, tell me below what it should be.


Edit: Thanks for the help guys and where I said flinch I screwed up and meant high critical chance, changed now

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First, shadow claw doesn't cause flinching. Second, what's the point in dragon dance when the user doesn't know any physical attacks? Third, Blaziken isn't that good in doubles. Use Kommo-O instead.
sumwun, he can use Blaziken if he wanted to. I get that it doesn't get much (or any, I didn't check) multi-hit moves, but the question isn't about weather he should use blaziken or not :P
Also, sumwun did make another point: Dragon Dance on the Charizard isn't great when he is a special attacker; even if you get the speed boost, you waste the attack boost (and take more damage from confusion and foul play).

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Protect, for three reasons:

a) it guaranties your speed to rise one stage from Speed Boost. This can be enough to block and retaliate against a powerful/fast threat, especially if your stalling them (while they're Poison/Burned/Other).

b) it allows Blaziken to block it's partner's moves (like surf and earthquake), which can really grant an edge in the long run (or short).

c) Blaziken's Attack is already enough to take out a lot of threats. It doesn't necessarily need swords dance.

Edit: They're both TM's, so if one doesn't work, you can easily try the other

Hope I helped.

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Tried to convince myself my answer was right didn't work to many good options for protect so now I'm team protect... 2.0
Yeah, protect can help because someone can easily tear up Blazaken while it sets up. I mean, someone can suggest Swords Dance, but only if they can create reasons why swords dance is better.