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This has been bothering me for a while now. Ditto? Ditti? Dittos? I call them Dittos but I’m probably pronouncing it wrong. If you answer this question, please include a link to where you found your info. Also, don’t ask why I need to know this, because I don’t really have an answer for you lol.


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The correct plural form for all Pokémon names is no different from the singular form. So the correct plural form of ‘Ditto’ is actually ‘Ditto’. You might say, ‘Yesterday I caught three Ditto.’

Though it’s a convention in English that plural nouns take an -s or -es suffix, there are multiple exceptions — for example, you don’t say ‘sheeps’. In the case of Pokémon, it’s probably just convenient to avoid making a separate rule for every species.

For example, the game itself does not add suffixes or alter spelling when hordes of Pokémon appear. This is also consistent with the usage in the anime.

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Hey, look a Doduo. OH NO! Look at the Doduo! There's so many of 'em!
Yeah you can have a bit of fun with it lol. There are a few that I’d pronounce with a plural sound anyway, since it does sound pedantic not to. I guess it’s not very strict, just a formality to keep in mind.
Woah! A whole horde of Palkias appeared!
Thanks Fizz! Also I feel like the plural form of Ditto should be Dittos, but you're right about the horde thing so I Best Answered you.
I've known that all Pokemon names are singular and plural for a long while.
Just say: "Many ________," it sounds correct. Many Ditto. Many Palkia. Many Pikachu. Many Stakataka. Many Pokemon. See? The Pokemon company was smart. No matter what Pokemon name you put in the blank, it will sound correct.
Here's my rule that makes plurals sound least awkward: if the Pokémon's name ends with a vowel or S, like Ditto, Pikachu, or Lapras, the plural is the same as the singular. If not, as in Bulbasaurs or Victinis, it'll sound better with an S.