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Ampharos moveset lists it as learning 10 moves at level 1. Can someone please explain this to me?

@Hellfire Taco maybe, but the asker couldn't have know that.
the answer on your link is vague and doesn't really explain anything. It mentions move tutor but not clearly. And I'm not sure that it covers my specific question. Also - I saw in the rules that it said not to ask about final form movesets and to search first, but I did search through about ten pages and I didn't see anything.
There's a distinction between 'how' and 'why' at least, and asker doesn't find that thread satisfactory. I think this is fine, taking this down would be harsh imo.

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Learning moves at level 1 are there for: A) move re-learner. Most are moves from previous evolutions.
B) Signature Moves. Some Pokemon (such as Aegislash and Alolan Marowack) only learn such moves at level 1 via a move reminder (King's Shield and Shadow Bone for the examples, respectively).

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this is what I thought might be the case. Ampharos' moveset on serebii, smogon, and bulbapedia list it as having ion deluge, magnetic flux, zap cannon, fire punch, and dragon pulse - all at level 1. None of those are previous evolutions, and the first two aren't even TMs. Ion deluge and magnetic flux aren't listed as move tutor moves either. Is this an error on the movelist and it was just copied over to the other two?
so I looked this up and it turns out it is learned via move *reminder* which is often confused with move *tutor*. Move reminder can teach moves not normally learnable. this is according to bulbapedia. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Move_Reminder

And in the first line on the move tutor page, it says not to confuse it with move reminder.

When I was originally confused about this, I looked at the ampharos move tutor list as well, and didn't see these listed. but that's why these are different, because they are from the move reminder actually. -- according to bulbapedia.
I edited the answer. It should be less confusing now.