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I was wondering if there’s a move that doubles power if the user is asleep like with Comatose it is kinda asleep but not and facade so t work on sleeping Pokemon so any help?


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I don't think there is a single move that does this, Snore can only be used when asleep but it doesn't have double power. However, a Pokemon with the Guts ability get a 50% increase in physical attack when succumbed to a major status ailment, including sleep.

Have a Pokemon with Guts use Sleep Talk and hope they pick a physical move out of their set. Pretty sure this is the only way for you to achieve your desired effect.

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A 50% increase is the same as x1.5, not x2
Guts does not get a boost for sleep, only burn/paralyze/poison works.
I know the 50% thing, but looking back at my answer I din't make that clear at all. I had a sneaking suspicion that Guts didn't activate for Sleep...so I guess I was lied to by the sites I looked at. Sorry that my answer wasn't helpful!