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I must have gotten lucky. I paralyzed Lugia and used False Swipe to get 1HP. I then tried only 5 Ultra Balls, and caught him on the sixth attempt... with a Net Ball (no joke). Of course, bring a dozen Hyper Potions.

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Put it to Sleep or Freeze it (Sleep is more reliable.) Use a Pokemo that knows Spore. Then use False Swipe until it has 1 HP left. Lower it's accuracy if you want so your Pokemon don't faint while you try to catch it. Then use Dusk Balls (you are in a cave) and as time goes further on, Timer Balls. Save in front of it. Try having a Weavile that knows False Swipe. It is also immune to Extrasensory.

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Alright, I could go into a giant explanation of the actual equation used to define whether a Pokemon gets caught or not, but I won't bother.

So, in short form, the most effective way to catch any Pokemon is to get its HP down right to 1, and either freeze them or induce sleep.

Next is your ball choice. Use lots of Ultra Balls, and if you have access to them, use Timer and Dusk Balls occasionally. Fast Balls made form Apricorns also make it much easier to catch a fast Pokemon like Lugia.

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