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I have heart gold I got to seafoam island he is here but everytime I fight him he murders himself with struggle becuase I lower him down to one hp and I can't catch in a ball

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For 1 thing. Lugia is NOT in the seafoam islands. It is in the whirl islands. If you are in the seafoam islands, There is Articuno, not Lugia. To catch Lugia, I would reccomend getting a Freezing or Sleeping status condition move. Then it can't attack and won't run out of PP and use Struggle. Through Ultra or dusk balls while it is sleeping or frozen. When it wakes up or thaws out, put it back to sleep or freeze it again and through more Ultra and Dusk Balls. Keep using this Strategy until it is caught. The same thing if you ment Articuno, not Lugia.

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sorry i meant whirl
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if you have soulsilver than once you beat the 8th gym and go to the dragons den and take the quiz then when you leave proffesor elm should call then you fly back to new bark town then go into the lab there you should meet Lyra (if your a boy) she will take you to the proffesor where he should give you a master ball then you must travel to ecruteak town battle the 5 kimono girlsthen they are alerted that Lugia has been spotted then you go there use your master ball and there you have lugia.By the way you need the silver wing to get into lugias hideout.oh yah and if you have heart gold i do not know

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