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And how do I get all the Pokemons, I only need to find all the Pokemons, to complete my pokedex.

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Unfortunately, it's impossible to complete the national dex without hacks anymore, unless you know someone who has some really old events back from 2010.
You only need to find all the non-mythical Pokemon. You'll need a copy of Diamond, Pearl, Soul Silver, and one of RSE to do it, but you don't need anything from events.

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Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver are in the same generation as Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, which is gen 4. it may help for you to know that in gen 4, you only need to see every generation 4 Pokemon, not actually catch them, to complete the sinnoh dex. Unfortuntly, if you are seeking to complete the national dex, you must catch every Pokemon from gen 1-4, which is a tedious and difficult task. Good luck on your pokedex completion, and don't scream trying to get trade evolutions.

There's no Sinnoh Pokedex in HGSS.