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So, I’m trying to see if I can sweep red off the kanto champ board in Pokémon HeartGold.

My team= Lv85 Typhlosion
Lv 55 Ho-Oh
Lv37 Dragonair
Lv20 Drowzee
Lv36 Shining Gyarados
Lv16 Sandshrew

Note: I only depend on my typhlosion and ho-oh for good battles. The rest are just item slaves and my sandshrew is hm and item slave

And I train really good within battling Janine a lot. So, should I train my other pokes or should I raise my typhlosion to lv 90 - lv 100?

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I mean just level up a whole bunch is the obvious answer. Ingame you just need to get over his levels, so over lv80 and you should be fine. If you still struggle, pick up the extra legends. Mewtwo, Kugia, Raikou/Entei are all good choices.
I sweep Red with my Lv: 100 team. I usually have a HM slave to get to the top of the Mt Silver. You only need Rock Climb, Rock Smash, Strength, and Maybe cut to get to the top. But, yeah, you should probably train some more to 80 before attempting. :P
If you've beat the second league, You can get the silver wing (i forgot where) and catch Lugia. You can also get a Groudon from the routs before the safari zone.
Sandshrew level 16?
Why don't you just try it?
Also, how is Sandshrew an "item slave"? If you mean pickup user, then I don't think Sandshrew can have pickup.
Maybe Thief or Covet?
None of them are Pickup Pokemon. he/she/it means when Typhlosion goes down, he/she/it sends the others to take hits as he/she/it revives &heals Typhlosion (90% sure on this) :P
He/she/it could also cycle switch Gyrados in for Intimidate.

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Since your Typhlosion is already around the same level as Red's Pokemon this answer will focus on it but can still be applied to all of your other Pokemon with a few minor changes.

To beat Red more easily it'd be a good idea for Typhlosion to know moves that are super effective against Red's Pokemon. Here's a list of 4 types that are super effective against his team as well as moves that Typhlosion can learn for each type.
Fire: Flamethrower, Eruption, Fire Punch etc. (super effective against Venusaur)
Electric: Thunder Punch (super effective against Charizard, Blastoise and Lapras)
Fighting: Focus Punch, Focus Blast, Brick Break etc. (super effective against Snorlax)
Ground: Earthquake, Dig, Mud-Slap (super effective against Pikachu)
A full list of the moves Typhlosion can learn in HeartGold can be found here. A list of Red's team in HeartGold can be found here.

Having Typholsion hold an item can also help with the battle. The ones listed below are the ones I'd recommend the most but a full list of items that can be held by Pokemon can be found here.
Expert Belt (Found on Mt. Silver)
> slightly boosts the power of supereffective moves.

Leftovers (Held by Snorlax found on route 11)
> The holder's HP is gradually restored during battle.

It'd also be a good idea to bring as many Full restores and Max Potions as possible to make sure Typhlosion doesn't faint.

The last suggestion I have to sweep Red's team is to level up Typhlosion a few more times considering Red's Pokemon range from level 80 (Lapras) to level 88 (Pikachu) with the starters being level 84 each.

Those are all the suggestions I have so I hope I've helped and good luck with sweeping Red's team.