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My togepi is at level 32 and it is not evolving so I need help to get it to evolve to do the pokedex.

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Togepi will evolve after it's levels up with a happiness of at least 220. It starts of with a base happiness of 70 and here is a list of ways a Pokemon's happiness can increase or decrease as well as all the quotes from a Pokemon happiness checker.
A happiness checker will determine the happiness of your Pokemon and will say one of several things depending of a Pokemon's level of happiness. You can find the happiness checker in Platinum in Hearthome city at the fan club with one of the Pokemon fans being the happiness checker. Source
Edit: I also wanted to add that once you evolve Togepi into Togetic, you can further evolve it into a Togekiss with a shiny. Here are the places you can find a shiny stone in Platinum.

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I got mine to evolve at level 2 :P
And I guarantee that he fed it Ev berries till he ran out...
If you want to evolve your togetic ( the evolution of togepi) then you need a shiny stone. (I know this has nothing to do with the question, I just thought it would be helpful.)
Na, in ss, I walked everywhere with it till the end of the game. I finally decided to level it (this was when I was a naïve kid, who didn't even know which stones evolve which Pokemon :/) and it evolved.