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Hoopa is a mythical Pokemon, so any way of obtaining it has been discontinued until the next event that it is distributed (If there ever will be). If you are looking for a hoopa laginimatly, you will have to trade with someone who either has duplicates, is a VERY good friend, or be lucky and find a preowned game with hoopa in it.

Most pre-owned (if not all) 3DS games (from experience) get their memory wiped, so I don think anyone will find a hoopa in a game like that in and Gamestop-like location.
I got a copy of Platinum that was pre-owned and still had a Leichi berry in its save file.
>Gasp< a Leichi berry? How generous! I fainted in shock at the idea that someone would have enough goodwill to give away an entire Leichi Berry!
I'm just saying that it is possible. I got an movie 14 event victini with fusion flare, fusion bolt, searing shot (I put that in), and V-create. Ever since then I knew it was possible, but extremely rare.