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I am playing Pokemon Crystal, and I am thinking about using a Suicune. However, it's movepool isn't very great, since I don't want to use a rest-talk set in-game. It's moveset when you catch it is Gust, Rain Dance, Bubble Beam and Leer. Since there is no move reminder, is it even possible to get it's level 1 move Bite? Because it's special it would actually provide pretty good coverage on Suicune. So how do I get Bite?


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In Crystal, Suicune learns Bite at level 1, unfortunately since when you encounter Suicune at Tin Tower it's level 40. Bite (which Suicune learns at level 1) is replaced with Gust which it learns at level 31. Gust replaces Bite because Bite is the first move Suicune learns and Gust is the fifth, and so to make room for gust, the game makes Suicune forget Bite.

If you want a different move on Suicune instead, here is a list of moves Suicune can learn in Generation 2. (Gold, Silver and Crystal)

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Thank you for the help! I am thinking
- Surf
- Aurora Beam (since I don't have access to Ice Beam)
- Return
- Rest
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There is a move reminder for GSC, but only if you also have access to Stadium 2 (which requires a physical cartridge version of the game so you can plug it into the Transfer Pak; an emulated or 3DS VC release doesn't give you access to this).

If you do have all the necessary equipment, just beat the Johto half of the Gym Leader Castle using a non-registered team that doesn't include any rentals, and as a reward you'll get to use the move reminder on one of the victorioius Pokemon.

Yeah, but unfortunately I don't have access to Stadium 2.