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I have currently caught a suicune, but I've never used one before. I know good movesets for the future, but right now I was wondering if my current one is any good. I currently have him knowing
Facade (after toxic),
Mirror coat,
and scald.

Is this any good?

(Ive read the rules, and I dont think asking if your current moveset is good or not is not allowed. If it is then... please dont hate me this is my first question D; )

Note that Facade only gets the bonus if **you** are poisoned/burned/whatever, not if the opponent is, so there's no particular synergy between those first two moves (unless you're expecting the opponent to switch out to a Magic Bounce user). If you want to get extra power from the opponent being poisoned, you'd need to use Hex or Venoshock, Suicune doesn't get either of those moves, and wouldn't be particularly keen on using them even if it did.
Why would you use a Suicune when a Toxapex would do its job better?

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With your current moveset, it's not that good for Suicune and Toxapex could use those moves better. (Not saying that Toxapex is better than Suicune, because in my opinion, it's obviously not.) You should search for a few Suicune movesets. Here's an example of a good moveset for it:
Suicune @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVS: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpA
Quiet Nature
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Calm Mind
- Extrasensory/Tailwind

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Suicune's physical attack is relatively low, so it doesn't make good use of waterfall and extreme speed. Waterfall isn't a reliable way to get flinches even if Suicune is fast. Neither hydro pump nor surf are very useful when Suicune has access to scald. The burn chance is only 30%, but Suicune will usually survive long enough to make scald a reliable way to burn opponents. Burns usually last indefinitely, so scald makes opponents easier to finish off with various teammates. Even if Suicune does use good moves, it's still largely outclassed by Toxapex because Toxapex can heal itself just by switching around. Even when it's not switching, Toxapex can heal itself without putting itself to sleep.
Suicune can only have Extreme Speed by an old event, in which case it not only must be shiny, but its nature must be Relaxed rather than Quiet. Even beyond its efficacy, your proposed set is flat-out illegal.
Alright then. I'll edit the set.
Why, exactly, are you still recommending hydro pump and waterfall? I already told you those two moves were bad on Suicune.
Sorry! I'll edit the set and improve it, since I did it when I was bad at competitive battling back then. Thanks for pointing it out.
Like I said earlier, Suicune's best water attack is scald, so there's no good reason to use surf. Scald will also deal plenty of damage, even to opponents that resist it, after several calm minds. Suicune doesn't need ice beam or extrasensory for coverage. Tailwind is also pretty bad on it, as it usually takes much longer than 4 turns just to defeat one opponent. Because calm mind already raises its special stats, it needs physical defense EVs and a physical defense boosting nature much more than it needs special attack. It also needs protect and substitute, which are very effective at stalling when combined with pressure and leftovers.