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I checked my USUM TM collection, and these are the special moves Aggron can learn:

Ice Beam
Hyper Beam
Solar Beam
Fire Blast
Focus Blast
Thunder Wave (Don't ask why I put this here.)
Flash Cannon (this is really the only one that makes sense, saying Aggron is part Steel.)
Dark Pulse
The Aggron TM moveset list is also on PokemonDB.

This is like asking, "Why can Serperior create leaves out of nothing?" Almost every Pokemon has supernatural powers that don't make sense.
Aggron's Special Attack stat is much lower than its Physical Attack stat, so I wouldn't recommend using the aforementioned moves and would instead recommend the use of his physical moves.

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It learns so many special moves just because it's one of those Pokemon that learns all kinds of moves like Garchomp and Dragonite but there's no real reason why it learns so many special moves edit this is not a true answer but it is as close as you can get

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