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like who gives them to you or where you encounter each one this is for my personal refrence quoting sUMWUN "please don't question my curiosity". lol

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Tauros: "From Hala after defeating him in the Melemele Island grand trial."
Stoutland: "Speak to Mallow at Paniola Ranch."
Lapras: "From Lana at Brooklet Hill to investigate the splashing."
Charizard: "From Kiawe at Wela Volcano Park after completing his trial."
Mudsdale: "From Hapu upon entering Route 12."
Sharpedo: "From Grimsley on Route 15 after battling Team Skull in front of the Aether House."
Machamp: "From Hapu's grandmother upon entering Ancient Poni Path."

And technically:

Mantine: "Visit the Melemele Alola Photo Club."
Solgaleo/Lunala: (do we have to put USUM spoiler warnings anymore?) During the climax just before reaching the Ultra Megalopolis.


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and "technically" a spoiler but great answer lol
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Tauros is obtained after defeating Hala in Iki Town.
Stoutland is obtained by speaking to Mallow in Paniola Ranch.
Mudsdale is obtained by speaking to Hapu on Route 12.
Machamp is obtained by speaking to Hapu's grandmother in Ancient Poni Path.
Lapras is obtained by speaking to Lana in Brooklet Hill.
Sharpedo is obtained by speaking to Grimsley on Route 15.
Charizard is obtained by completing Kiawe's trial in Wela Volcano Park.