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for example, I know
Kirlia - Ballet
Oricorio's - Cheerleading, Buyō, Flamenco, and Hula?
Hitmontop - Capoeira
to name a few!
A little Pic on powerpoint I made not sure if all the descriptions are accurate

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  • Kirlia - Ballet
  • Orcorio - Cheeerleader/Buyõ/Flamenco/Hula
  • Altaria - According to its Pokédex,

ALTARIA dances and wheels through the sky among billowing, cotton-like clouds.

  • Primarina - According to its Pokédex,

As it dances, Primarina releases balloons of water into the area around itself, moving them using the sound waves from its voice.

  • Spinda - According to its Pokédex,

    The shaky, tottering steps of this Pokémon give it the appearance of dancing.

  • Meoletta is based on Spanish flamenco dancer.
  • Maractus - According to its Pokédex,

    It uses an up-tempo song and dance to drive away the bird Pokémon that prey on its flower seeds.

  • Clefairy - According to its Pokédex,

    On nights with a full moon, Clefairy gather from all over and dance. Bathing in moonlight makes them float.

The dancer from Mt. Moon.

  • Bellossom - Based on hula.
  • Ludicolo - The ultimate dancer. Based on Mexican dancing.
  • Roserade - This Pokémon is based on a "masquerade ball", a masked dancer.
  • Hitmontop - Although it is not directly mentioned that it is a dancer, its Pokédex says, It kicks as if it is dancing.
    It is based on top and capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines music, dances and song.
    Source: My head and Bulbapedia.
    Probably, I missed a Pokémon.
    Edit: Yes, I missed Mega Gardevoir. It is based on ballroom dancer.
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They say that about Spinda even though it is much more reminiscent of trying to stand upright when extremely drunk. Because this game is for children.
So I think everyone else has done really well to cover most of the dancing Pokemon but a couple that have been missed are:
•Alolan Marowak (Dancing fire twirler)
•Grumpig (Seen dancing his heart out of various Pokemon cards and atop Pokemon GO Gyms)
I also would like to note that Jynx technically is a dance-based pokemon, as it "seems to use dancing to communicate." according to the pokedex entry.