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Chatot is OP, be careful.
Do you want Pokemon that are specifically music themed, or just Pokemon that are sound themed?
^ important, because if the latter then that (possibly?) includes pokemon like audino and loudred who are more generally sound themed

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This is as much as I can remember:
- Kricketot
- Kricketune
- Chatot
- Altaria
- Ludicolo
- Meloetta

I'll edit in more as I look this subject matter up on Serebii. Please and thank you.

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The Igglybuff line sings. The Whismur line is based on volume. The Chingling line is based on wind chimes. The Kricketot line might be based on harps. Chatot is based on a talking parrot with a music note as its crest. Maractus is based on maracas. Meloetta is based on a performer. Primarina is based on a mermaid (Think of Ariel from the Little Meraid's voice loss).
Kricketune is actually more of a cello/violin, but it's not that important.
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Primarina is a selkie, similar to a mermaid, but different.
To add on to that answer you have
-Toxtricity (Amped Form)
Toxtricity (Low Key Form)
How Obstagoon?
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  • Kricketune line

  • Chatot

  • Ludicolo line

  • Meloetta (both forms)

  • Wigglypuff line

  • Exploud line

  • Chimecho line

  • Maractus

  • Primarina line

  • Rillaboom line

  • Toxtricity line (Both forms)

  • Obstagoon

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How Ludicolo line? How Obstagoon line?
"Obstagoon appears to based on a European badger. Its humanoid traits, color scheme, and exposed tongue may also be inspired by Glam rock bands." -Bulbapedia
Ludicolo:  It also resembles a stereotypical Mexican folk dancer or mariachi performer with its sombrero-shaped head, poncho-like body hair, and dancing movements.
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Another Pokémon associated with music is Maractus, which resembles a maraca. Quote from Bulbapedia: "It also seems to be based on traditional Mexican dress styles and, due to the fact that it dances and makes maraca-like sounds, may be based on Spanish dances...". In addition, its name is thought to be a combination of maraca and cactus.

One of the old answers already mentions Maractus.