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Aside from the look, is there any real difference or is it just for bragging rights?

Other than what GoAt said, in Gens 1 through 3 a shiny Ditto would transform into the shiny version of the Pokemon it uses Transform on. This feature was taken away in Gen 4, however from Gen 4 onwards a non-shiny Ditto would transform into a shiny if the Pokemon it uses Transform on is shiny.
Gen 1? There were no shiny Pokemon at all in those games.
Yes, you're right. My mistake. Is it just in Gens 2 and 3 then that this mechanic is present? Because that is what I read...

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There is no difference between a regular & shiny Ditto accept for the color scheme & as you stated bragging rights. There is actually no difference between any Pokemon & it's shiny form actually but you learn something new everyday I guess.

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