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I somehow immediately got a shiny growlithe as my 4th Pokemon at the start of the game. What were my odds?

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“If the exact ratio (1/8192, 1/4096 etc.) exists for every other game it exists for Quest too. Like I said in the comment I left on the question, someone will dig it up eventually.”
It’s not (1/8192 or 1/4096).
It it means that much to you I can go into the games code for extra proof.
Those are the exact base shiny odds in the main series games. Sometimes they’re different in spinoffs (like they obviously are in Quest).
If you can datamine the game to find the exact odds, then yeah, that’s exactly what this question is looking for.
Get the game's code and edit it in, if you can do that, or at least get those 'sources' you mentioned.

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Nobody knows
Nobody knows for sure. Players estimate that it’s around 1/100 (which, from my experience with shinies in quest, seems accurate), but nobody is 100% positive of the shiny rate.

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The shiny chances are probably around 1/75 or 1/100.

It is considered, that there are only 1/75 or 1/100 chances to attract a Shiny Pokemon.