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I somehow immediately got a shiny growlithe as my 4th Pokemon at the start of the game. What were my odds?

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The shiny rate is in the game files and some nerd out there must have already gone through them.
Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of Quest shinies on https://www.reddit.com/r/ShinyPokemon/
I'm thinking it's probably somewhere in the ballpark of Go odds, but I have nothing to back it up.
Go has shinies? tmyk
Just BA an answer...
Why would I BA something that's merely a guess for a constant number.

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Pokemon Quest does have Shiny Pokemon in it and they can be found through cooking various recipes. It seems as though the chances are likely 1/100 or 1/50, somewhere in that range!

Found looking at this vid.

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I wouldn't say the person in the video is knowledgeable at all, if all they've given is a 'guesstimate'. Don't think this is conclusive.
I would like an exact answer please.
That would be too hard.
If the exact ratio (1/8192, 1/4096 etc.) exists for every other game it exists for Quest too. Like I said in the comment I left on the question, someone will dig it up eventually.