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As a double or single strat.

I'm pretty sure the only reason ever to use stomping tantrum is when you want to cover Incineroar or Tapu Koko in a doubles format and you don't want to hit allies with earthquake. It's absolute trash in singles.
On top of what sumwun said, stomping tantrum isn't affected by Bulu's Grassy Terrain, unlike EQ, so if you want to use a ground move alongside Tapu Bulu, stomping tantrum works. It also hits poison types like Gengar and Naganadel, which Bulu hates, for supereffective damage.
I guess it can also hit allies of opposing Tapu Bulus, right? Smogon stats say that it's often paired with Gengar, so stomping tantrum would probably be useful for those Gengars.

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So, the best Pokemon to use this would be Mudsdale because of STAB.

If you're in a double battle and your other Pokemon faint, use a single target move on their spot. It will say "But it failed!" Stomping Tantrum's power doubles if the user's previous move failed. So you will have 225 base power :)

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The only reason to ever use stomping tantrum is in doubles in something like this scenario your alolan Golem is it against let's say Golduck and the other Pokemon is let's say Raichu you use Thunderbolt and it's supposed to be on the Golduck but he switches to Let's say Garchomp and it doesn't work because Garchomp's a ground type so the next turn Golem uses stomping tantrum on Raichu okoing it that's the only type of scenario you'll need stomping tantrum just use earthquake unless your Pokemon can't learn it and you desperately need ground coverage

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Earthquake isn't always better. It hits allies in double battles, so stomping tantrum is sometimes used to prevent that. It's used even if it doesn't get the power boost from failing on the previous turn.