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I am looking for players in my area to help me in raid battles… How can I find people in my community in my area?

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What are Raid Battles and what do you mean?
Yeah. Please be more specific
I think he is talking about Pokémon Go. Idk why it is tagged sun-moon...
Go into the public with a sign saying:
If anyone doesn’t run away, ask them to battle with you.
There really isn’t a strategy to finding friends in real life.
eXcess makes a point; why did you tag it sun-moon?

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My recommendation would be Facebook. Try searching for your city name along with “Pokémon go”. Somebody created a group for players in our city (it has 300+ members) and it has helped me a lot. If there isn’t a group, try creating one and see if people join. Also just try talking to people you see playing the game. There are probably a few other players near you. If you can get 5 or 6 players higher than level 30 you can usually beat a legendary raid.

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