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Normally, you can trade items between two versions, but when I try to trade the Z Crystals for Sun to my Ultra Moon, the game just removes it from the Pokemon. That left me wondering, if you want to get the Solganium Z through a trade with Ultra Sun, does the game just remove the Z Crystal, or can you only trade it when the other person trades the Lunalium Z, and, if that works, does the Z Crystal need to be on Solgaleo and Lunala, or can it be on any other Pokemon?

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Did you know if you have one Z-Crystal they are endless? So that maybe has something to do with it.

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You can not trade Z Crystals at all. If you try to trade a Pokemon with a Z Crystal, the Crystal goes to your bag. Also you should not need to trade for a Lunalium Z because if I'm not mistaken, you get both of them.

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That's right.
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no you can not get solgalium z through trade. answer above explains. if you want to get solgalium z, follow my steps: at night in your time, bring solgaleo/lunala to your party. go to the ultra wormhole and you should see a 3rd option. go all the way to ula ula meadows and head to the altar of the sunne. you should find nebby/cosmog. claim it and you should get the solgalium/lunalium z.

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thank you for your help. i got the lunalium z. now i only have to figure out how to get my mewnium z crystal to USUM
Do you own a mew? If you don’t, it’s impossible to get the mewnium z
i have a mew and the mewnium z in sun. now i want to trade the mewnium z to ultra moon, but every z crystal traded goes back to your bag. i have no idea how to get that crystal to ultra moon
That's not possible. You can't transfer Z-Crystals across games at all, unfortunately.
You have to go to the hotel at heahea city. Then You have to go to floor 2. Finally go to the door the very left of you. Speak to the guy and he will give the mewnium z.
Doesn't that person in pokemon bank give you mewnium Z too? Or is that SM?
yes that is SM