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I know phrase "Gonna Catch em' all" in the game, and that Ash wants to become a Pokemon Master in the anime.

What is different between "Gotta Catch 'Em All" and Pokemon Master? I am not sure how to compare the two.

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If you know answer my question, you should answer at post answer question, not at my section comment.
Okay, I'll change it. It was just an opinion, so I put it as a comment.
You read the mangá? They already answered this there some times. The two things are not relating at all. Gotta catch E'm all is just a slogan.  But Pokémon Master is just a person with incredible skills at battling, most champions are Pokémon masters, but not every pokémon master is a Champion. They also put the rank "master" in some games like ORAS for example, when you try the battle test, since is the higher rank, it could be a reference to a Pokémon master.
What is Slogan?
Downvoted because they are obvious. Goitta catch em all means you gotta catch em all, and a pokemon master is, well, a pokemon master.
LeafyBlade, I KNOW! Don't concern to downvote!
Needs more grammar improvement

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You present a philosophical question that is subject to interpretation. In my personal opinion "Gotta catch 'em all" is a slogan clearly meant to state the catching of all Pokemon. However, simply catching them all does not make one a master. To be a so called "Pokemon Master" one must fell every worthy opponent in his path, defeat the champions of all regions and transcend to a state of great significance.

It is for this purpose that, in our own world, there exist official Pokemon world-championships where the most skilled trainers from across the globe can meet and engage in glorious combat to truly determine who is "the very best, like no was ever was".

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Thanks. By the way what do you say "simply catching all Pokemon does not make one a master"? Is not like called Legendary capture or Master of Capture Pokemon?
You're welcome. I'd like to answer your question, but I have a hard time understanding it...
Okay, just tell me if you figure out my question.
What I mean is that the way it is written doesn't make sense, the grammar is very poor. Do you think you could re-word it?
I do not understand your comment. My exact question is > way what do you say "simply catching all Pokemon does not make one a master"? Is not like called Legendary capture or Master of Capture Pokemon?
"way what do you say / Is not like called Legendary capture of Master of Capture Pokemon?" Is not proper English. It doesn't make any sense... Normally I'm pretty good at distinguishing what somebody is trying to say but I really can't this time.
If you don't understand it then I can't really explain it. It's like when you couldn't understand Olli's answer on the question about the gender ratio of certain Pokemon. I'm sorry, but your question just isn't coherent.
I can at least try to explain why the best I can, though...
 1 ) "Way" is not a proper way to start a question.
2) "What do you say..." can be interpreted in this manner to mean something else. I don't know if what you are asking is "What do you think... / what is your opinion..." or "What do you mean when you say..."
3) "Is not like..." is another case where I don't know what you mean. I can't tell whether or not you're trying to say "It isn't like..."
4) "called Legendary capture of Master of Capture Pokemon?" just doesn't make sense at all. It is very jumbled, some words seem like they don't belong, in other words it seems like you aren't using the correct tenses. I have no way of knowing what you are referring to in relation to another subject.

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to hammer you about this, I am simply trying to understand this. It makes me think that English is not your first language. I would be more than happy to answer your questions, but unless you can re-word it into something grammatically correct then I'm sorry to say I can't help...
Gimme break. Just basic grammar.
Flappers, I am pretty sure he/she is saying, "Does capturing a legendary Pokémon not make one a Pokémon Master?" You said that simply catching them doesn't make them a master, and he/she is questioning that point.
Oh, I see. Well, if that is the case... Capturing a Legendary Pokemon doesn't make somebody a master either. You could just get lucky in capturing them, maybe you had a master ball. See, it doesn't matter what you capture -- it matters what you do with them afterwards and how good you are at it. You could have every legendary in the world, but if you're terrible at training them then it's hardly something to brag about.
YIKES that comment section got long!
What about Tobias? He defeated Ash's Pokemon with Legendary Pokemon in Tournament League.
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Ash says 'gotta catch them all!'
and Red is a Pokemon master

Ash did not capture all pokemon including legendary.