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Here is my team:

Arcannine: level 48: flare blitz, wild charge, crunch, outrage
(I traded arcannine over from my black 2 game)

Excadrill: level 48: earthquake, swords dance, rock slide, x-scissor

Haxorus: level 48: dragon dance,dragon claw, false swipe, cut

Lilligant: level 48: petal dance, giga drain ,quiver dance, sleep powder

Zekrom: level 50: dragon breath, zen headbutt, fusionbolt, slash

Vanillite: acid armor, icy wind, mirror shot, avalanche
(I am exp sharing him.)

I dropped samaroutt because he was too slow.

Ghetsis’s hydreigon keeps fainting all my Pokémon. Where can I level up, I have been trying to beat him until my Pokémon levels up but I can’t because I can only beta the first Pokémon, which is barley giving me experience. Please give me tips on how to beat him.

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Try defeating a lot of other trainers for experience.
I’ve defeated if not all, most of the trainers, I will try to go through the victory road and see if I skipped some though.
If that's still not enough, then I guess you'll have to grind on wild Pokemon. Ghetsis's first Pokemon is Cofagrigus, and Excadrill resists all of its attacks, so I think you should focus on Excadrill when grinding.

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If this doesn't answer your question (I haven't played Gen 5 in a few years), let me know, I can expand this.

One: Use TMs to your advantage. This was the first generation where TM's don't go away, so remember that. I believe you should have TM02 Dragon Claw at this point. Zekrom's physical Attack is much more powerful than its Special Attack, so you will want to remove Dragonbreath for Dragon Claw as Dragonbreath is just pathetically weak in comparison.

Two: Try to re-add that Samurott. You should have access to re-learning old moves with Heart Scales, correct? If you teach Samurott Megahorn, Hydreigon really isn't gonna like that and it'll fall in a hurry. Or you could just teach it Ice Beam/Blizzard with TM11/13, depending on what you have available/what form of offense is personally better on your Samurott (they vary). If you're at full health, you should be able to survive Ghetsis' Hydreigon.

I hope I helped, I can give more tips if necessary.

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