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So, my brother has Pokemon Diamond but he never finished. I talked him in to playing it again but he was stuck. I tried to help but I can't figure out what we're supposed to do?

So, we have 7/8 badges. We can't get to sunnyshore city. The lake by pastoria is blocked by gaurds. We don't have any of the keys to veilstone galactic building. Barry is not at lake aucity. There isn't a grunt in front of the GV building. And the grunt in the small Warehouse just says "the tools we made from the energy we got at valley wind works is in pastoria city. Oh that not what this is about?"

Please help us we have no idea what to do

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wacth someones playthrugh of it after they defeat 7th gym
Have you gone through Spear Pillar and fought against Dialga already?
I'd say you need to go to spear pillar or the galactic Veilstone *I think* HQ then to Spear Pillar. Once you've dealt with Dialga/Palkia/Giratina, Sunnyshore opens up
He hasn't gotten Dialga yet, but that is one of the problems. We can't get the key cards for the galactic veilstone building

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Try to head to the Galactic Warehouse and press A at the doors. That should trigger an interaction that results in you getting inside of the Galactic Building.

Source: Experience

I figured out what to do. I needed to go to the canalave library