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I'm doing a Shiny only run on my VC Gold, and have been breeding my team using a shiny Ditto from Red, I've gotten three shinies, and then during my fourth Pokemon (Dratini from the Goldenrod Game Corner) I got a good 20 eggs everything was fine until I stopped getting eggs. At first I thought I had bad luck with the eggs spawning, but 72 hours of non stop walking up and down the Goldenrod Mart stairs and I haven't gotten a single egg. Checking on my Pokemon says that they are friendly with each other, so they should be giving me eggs. Am I just extremely unlucky or is there something I dont know about causing the lack of eggs?

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This happened to me in Crystal, while trying to get a shiny Elekid, after 15 eggs I released the last five Elekids and saved at the Pokémon Center in Goldenrod City, then I went with the DayCare dude and I'm pretty sure that I took another egg and started walking to get the next one. After 3 hours I haven't gotten an egg and after that I checked my team and there was no egg... Where the hell did the egg that I took went? Maybe it's a rare glitch or something....

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As long as the Day-Care Man doesn’t say something along the lines of “they prefer to play with other Pokémon rather than with each other,” then they’re still capable of producing eggs. Unless your game is glitched (which is very unlikely), you’re just getting really unlucky.