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This one did spooked me the same way it did to crabrawler and all the other crustacean type.
(besides clawziter's claw as a cooking ingredient) what happens to clawziter, how does it...well, survive?
Flag it if you want but just curious.
Thank you.

Let me know if want me to be clear to the question by the way.
Yeah that would help. What exactly are you asking?
How does clawziter survive without it's clawcannon.
In the wild I ment.

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Declawing of crabs is the process whereby one or both claws of a live crab (including king crabs) are manually pulled off and the animal is then returned to the water........... The practice is defended because some crabs can naturally autotomise (shed) limbs and then about a year later after a series of moults, regenerate these limbs. It is argued that declawing therefore provides a sustainable fishery.

This is from Wikipedia's page on declawing of crabs.

Besides, the Clawitzer Dex page specifically mentions that the claw is taken after it falls off, presumably naturally. Meaning that the Pokemon can regenerate its pincer. Or maybe it finds a Potion in the wild. Or an Oran or Sitrus Berry

There are NPCs in every game who say Pokemon can't use potions by themselves (though they can use choice specs, and I have a hard time believing those aren't artificial).
"Here, Bradford, spray this stuff on me, will ya? Why? Because you've got hands with opposable thumbs, you big buffoon, and I just shed mine. And I didn't have thumbs to begin with. Ugh. For all the evolution involved you'd think a Pokemon with thumbs would be smarter than a crab. I guess you really were dropped on your head. Now, hand me those specs that give me tunnel vision to the extent that I can't use any other move to battle."