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Accroding to the Pokedex, Magikarp is the 'weakest Pokemon'. So I'm wondering, how on Earth does the thing survive?

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they hope that they'll evolve !!!!!!!!!!

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Taken from the Anime, paired with logic from proven ecology:

Magikarp, during breeding season, lay over 1000 eggs. If all of these eggs hatch (Even just half of them, that's 500-1000 eggs from one Magikarp. Now, if you think of the 250-500 Female Magikarp from the previous generation, multiplied by 500-1000, you'll have 125 000 - 250 000 Magikarp during ONE breeding season.

Year after year, you'd slowly get more and more Magikarp. Sheesh, no wonder there's so many...

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It's evolution may play a role in this as well.
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According to the games, no one knows why its so common which makes scientists experiment it. I hope I was clear to you.