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Accroding to the Pokedex, Magikarp is the 'weakest Pokemon'. So I'm wondering, how on Earth does the thing survive?

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they hope that they'll evolve !!!!!!!!!!

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Taken from the Anime, paired with logic from proven ecology:

Magikarp, during breeding season, lay over 1000 eggs. If all of these eggs hatch (Even just half of them, that's 500-1000 eggs from one Magikarp. Now, if you think of the 250-500 Female Magikarp from the previous generation, multiplied by 500-1000, you'll have 125 000 - 250 000 Magikarp during ONE breeding season.

Year after year, you'd slowly get more and more Magikarp. Sheesh, no wonder there's so many...

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It's evolution may play a role in this as well.
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According to the games, no one knows why its so common which makes scientists experiment it. I hope I was clear to you.

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Here is my scientific answer.

According to its sapphire pokedex entry, it is hardy and can survive in almost any body of water. And fish eating predators are more likely to target basculin because they taste better according to the pokedex. Pokemon hunters also would want to target stronger Pokemon. So in conclusion, magikarp is so irrelevant that no one would waste their time trying to kill it but it can also survive well in water, causing it to stay alive.


basculin doesnt exist in sapphire....
do you mean carvanha?
no, he means basculin. basculjn has entires about magikarp, even if it isn’t in sapphire.

edit: nevermind, misread the entry