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I mean if you have the event Magikarp with Hydro Pump or a hacked Magikarp with any water-type moves like Surf. I think so since it would make sense but without event or PowerSaves it's impossible to get a legit water-type move on Magikarp. Would it get STAB? Just wondering

Here is the event Magikarp that i'm talking about:

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Yes there is no reason it why it shouldn't work, even if it is hacked; the move gets STAB if it's type is the same as the user's.

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Through normal means, Magikarp does not receive STAB due to it only learning 3 Normal-type moves, Splash, Tackle, and Flail, through level-up. Also, it does not learn any TMs.
Except the question had asked if Magikarp would still have STAB through water type moves, whether hacked or through event
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Yes, it does. There is an event magikarp with hydro pump to ensure it too.

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